We offer a large range of cubby houses. Our standard cubby designs can be customized to suit your needs. Here are our popular products.


If you are thinking of wooden playhouse for your child, then we have a great selection of custom-built playhouses for you. Our beautiful wooden playhouses are perfect for children who love imaginative play. You can design fairy tale cottage, multi-story playhouse, and more.


Who doesn’t like a treehouse? It’s a great adventure, and every child enjoys it. Our treehouse is a perfect place for your children to experience independence and excitement. You can design wooden house on your garden tree. We also provide activity options like swings, slides or climbing frames.


Castles are a great imaginative escape for children. You can get castles of various sizes. We can build various activities like monkey bar, slides or rope ladders. It can be single or multi-storied.

We use ‘arsenic free’ treated pine for building our cubby houses. This material is safe for children and pets as these are not susceptible to borers and termites. If you are interested in building a cubby house in your garden or backyard, call us to book an appointment today. We will discuss your needs and will design the perfect cubby house for your children.


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