5 tips to make your cubby house safe for your children




During holidays your children spend most of their time in their cubby houses. These are good entertainment for the children, but you have to be careful so that they play safely. Here are some tips to avoid any injury or accident while playing in the cubby house.

  • You must make sure that the cubby house is appropriate for your children. For example, you cannot allow your 4-year-old child to play in a cubby house meant for 8-year-old kids. You should consider the height and the type of equipment you have there, like the swings and climbing nets. Make sure they are safe and in good condition.
  • You must make sure that your cubby house is in a safe place. You should ensure that there are boundaries and your children won’t get any access to the road nearby or driveways. You should also make sure that they can’t climb on the roof. You should position your cubby house in a way that you can observe what your children are doing there.
  • You should make sure that your cubby house is smoothly sanded so that there is no scrapes, splinters, and grazes. You should make sure that there is soft landing area from the cubby house, such as grass.
  • You should use children-friendly material while constructing cubby houses. Make sure that the timber you use is arsenic free so that there is not a chance of attack from white ants or termites which may ruin your cubby house.
  • You should maintain your cubby house and the surrounding areas well. You should check for insects or spiders from time to time. You should make sure that everything is properly anchored. You should keep your backyard clean to avoid trip hazards.

Even if you build your cubby house in the safest way, make sure that you supervise your children all the time. Keep your garden or backyard always clean so that the children can play safely in their cubby house. If you would like to browse our products in store check out our store location.


Top 5 reasons to have cubby house in your garden or backyard


Cubby houses offer wonderful outside play opportunities for children. If you have space in your garden or backyard, then it’s a good idea to build cubby house. Here are the reasons why you must consider having a cubby house.

Closeness to nature

Children get to play in the middle of greeneries. They can breathe fresh air and get the chance to connect with nature. As they walk or run around the cubby house, they are learning new things.

Develop their creativity

They use their imagination to play in a cubby house. There are no limits to their imagination. They play different things every day. One day they make it a rocket and the other day a pirate ship. Their imagination simply has no boundaries. They will become more creative.

Away from technology

That’s the only time your kids will be far from technology. They will get to play outside. Outside play is fun, and it’s good for their body and mind. They will get plenty of vitamin D and loads of fun!

Get social

In a cubby house, they will play with other children and so will get social. They will communicate, collaborate, share and empathize with others. They will become more social which will help them later in life.

Learn self-care and independence

In their little space, they have to face many challenges. This helps them to be independent and take care of themselves. They learn how to overcome little obstacles and it helps to develop self-confidence.

Cubby houses provide excellent experience and memories for children. They are a wonderful way to encourage your children to play outside, instead of sitting with video games at home.